What is Magic community?

The magic community is a community That conducts Cryptocurrency transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges to increase trading volumes and other data.
By continually buying and selling, we achieve a wave-like rise in data.

This encourages individuals to invest in it. Once it reaches a sufficiently high point, we would sell at a high price to cause cryptocurrencies to
dip slightly.

Your work will be to manage the coin of crypto publishers. What this means is, holding the coin at a specific valuation and selling on behalf of the coin publishers to the actual crypto investors. This dynamic is unlike the known crypto investment.

The magic community is not a crypto investment group, it's a coin management group. That's why those recruited to manage the coin don't lose money when the value of the coin goes low.

Coin Management does not require all your time. Matter of fact, you buy and sell once every four days. That's a lot of time to do other things.