How To Make Extra Money With Magic Community

Job Position: Member of The Magic Community Currency Value ManagementJob

content: Complete the specified currency value management task once a day, each task takes 15 minutes, and trade within the specified time.

Working time: 15 minutes each day Office equipment: an Android phone, download 3 apps.

Commission: Settlement every four days, earning 2u-150u each time

We are a community and cooperate with exchanges to help project parties create fake transaction volume and manipulate currency prices, A cryptocurrency exchange is equivalent to a stock exchange such as NYSE, or NASDAQ, The project party is equivalent to a listed company, but the stocks of listed companies are traded on the stock exchange, and the currency of the project party is traded on the cryptocurrency exchange, such as the relatively well-known virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have been around for ten years. so much history that we do is to help the work, which is like helping listed companies manipulate stock prices, harvest back and forth from investors, and helping exchanges, and listed companies earn investors' money.